Pneumatic radial industrial tire


The ContiRT20 Performance, a premium pneumatic radial industrial tire, is designed with special features that reduce punctures, flats and heat buildup. The new ContiRT20 Performance meets extremely high requirements of longer life expectancy, less downtime and greater stability. Heavier-duty tread blocks, wide, flat-belt construction, reinforced steel beads, stiffened, more impact-resistant sidewalls, and a wider, abrasion-resistant tread are just some of the impressive design features of the ContiRT20 Performance. The tread depth of this tire was increased to the maximum to ensure the longest possible service life, even under arduous conditions. The tread pattern design, featuring wide grooves, provides reliable traction on both surfaced and unsurfaced ground.

Continental also designed this tire to meet environmental requirements, with an advanced low rolling resistance tread compound, which reduces energy and fuel consumption. The tire’s strength and high performance reserves will also allow for longer lifetimes and greater retreadability, which reduce waste from premature replacement of tires.
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