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Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. has introduced the Amlok RLN, its fourth-generation power-off rod lock. This basic lock unit is in addition to the RCN and RCH, expanding the company’s rod lock product line. This fourth-generation lock is the culmination of 14 years of manufacturing and marketing pneumatic and hydraulic rod locks.

The rod lock’s standard features include anodized aluminum construction, a heavy-duty clamp system and power-off clamping. The standard seal material is carboxylated nitrile.

The unit, which uses dry-filtered air, has a release pressure ranging from a minimum of 60 PSI to a maximum of 160 PSI. The operating temperature ranges from 10 degrees F to 180 degrees F. Maximum rod tolerance is +0.000 in./-0.002 in.

Rod lock options include stainless or electroless nickel-plated housing, viton seals and wiper scraper. The lock mounts to standard NFPA cylinders or can be stand-alone using MXO, MF1, MF2, and MS1 mounting configurations.

The Amlok RLN is available in various sizes for rod diameters ranging from 0.625 in to 1.75 in, and cylinder and bore diameters from 1.5 in. to 6 in. Holding forces range from 200 lbs. to 2,650 lbs.  

The RLN power-off pneumatic rod locks are particularly-well suited for holding applications in industries such as automotive, mobile, food, machine tool and military test, among others.

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