Pneumatic Sanding Tools


Dotco Tools line of pneumatic sanding tools includes orbital and geared models designed for operator comfort, superior durability, and outstanding versatility.


Random orbital sander is used for light surface prep applications in the garage, wood shop or shipyard. Weighing just 1.77 lbs, the random orbital sander measures 3.3 in. high. It generates 0.3 hp of sanding power and 12,000 rpm so operators can complete projects faster. For added comfort and accessibility, the random orbital sander has a lower profile design than competitive sanding tools and measures just 3.4" high.


When the project calls for heavy-duty leveling, sanding, and blending, operators can turn to the two-handed geared sander. The sander’s ergonomic, durable design keeps operators comfortable while tackling tough industrial applications, like removing small welds and prepping surfaces for paint.


Pneumatic sanders deliver superior finish on:

  • wood
  • composites
  • solid surfaces
  • fiberglass
  • metal
  • stone
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