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ASG, a division of Jergens, Inc., has announced a new family of torque-controlled pneumatic screwdrivers. The new Torq2™ drivers are intended for precision assembly work with torque ranges from .5 lbf•in up to 156 lbf•in. Each driver features a patented clutch design that automatically stops the tool when a designated torque is achieved, eliminating both over-and under-tightening. Torques can be adjusted by authorized personnel via a torque nut. Tamper-proof covers are provided to prevent operators from changing torques. The drivers have been value-engineered to offer outstanding performance at a moderate cost. The new Torq2 drivers have a unique ergonomic design which provides both operator comfort and extra gripping power. The sculpted thermoplastic elastomer housings have been designed to deliver balanced, non-fatigue performance. Four basic styles are available: Push-to-Start, Lever Start, Pistol Grip and Right Angle. Most drivers come with a series of five color-coded torque covers, which can be interchanged for quick operator visual reference of a driver’s torque and prevent tampering. The drivers come standard to accept 1/4" hex bits. The ASG division of Jergens also announced a complete line of accessories related to the new air drivers, including filter/regulators/lubricators, air line reel balancer, holster and quick release air couplers and connectors.


* New advanced capability qualifier for pneumatic assembly tools * The only system that will work with push-to-start auto shut off pneumatic screwdrivers, using ASG series “HPQ” series drivers, patent pending * Easy set up and use * Works with ASG auto shut off screwdrivers, nutrunners and pulse tools * Learns and monitors the entire assembly process * Identifies errors when they occur for immediate correction * Eight programmable parameters * Includes automatic sequencing from parameter to parameter * Compatible with PLC’s and other line control devices * Data storage * Password / Keylock Protected * Remote display option available * Remote light indicator available * PLC interface cable available * Includes software (and cable & connector to PC) for graph plotting and remote programming available * Network communication devices available
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