Pocket-Size RFID Scanner


DENSO's latest addition to their wide range of scanners and handheld terminals is the SE1-BUB-C, a pocket size scanner with built-in RFID technology, which was designed especially for one-to-one RFID tag processing from short distances. The optimal scanning distance is about 3 cm, while the actual reading distance depends on the individual RFID tag. It also offers a unique reading experience on short distances, which, in contrast, is not possible for high-output RFID scanners designed for wide-range and collective scanning.


The new pocket size scanner weighs only 70 g and can be stored and carried all day long, making it perfect for workplaces where staff members consistently need to carry a scanner. It also prevents scanning of other nearby RFID tags, and thus, guarantees the smooth and quick processing of RFID tags one at a time. Another advantage is that the SE1-BUB-C can easily connect with other Bluetooth devices simply by scanning a setup code.


Furthermore, it offers a function to convert any RFID tag written in SGTIN-96 to an EAN code. The application for this can be used without any modification, and as a result, the same scanning unit can be used to read barcodes and RFID tags. DENSO’s new device enables switching to RFID tags with the same operational feel. 

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