Podium Ladder


Werner announces the introduction of the new heavy-duty Podium Ladder. This Type IAA ladder has a load capacity of 375 lbs and provides 4X the work zone, allowing users to face any direction while comfortably accessing the job at hand. This ladder offers an extra-large platform for all day comfort with an extended guardrail that securely wraps around the work zone while holding an arsenal of tools.“The new heavy-duty Podium is a natural extension of our existing line of Podium products. Like all of the other ladders, it includes a standing platform vs. a traditional ladder step that creates fewer trips up and down the ladder,” said John Werner, Senior Product Manager at Werner Co.

“These ladders are ideal for working at fixed heights for long periods of time because they enable the user to work facing any direction. For professional users, the increased duty rating allows for more industrial applications that require heavier tools or equipment.” Safety and Convenience Benefitsfor the Pro ChannelThrough continued focus on creating safe work environments at any height, Werner has developed the Podium Ladder, which allows professional contractors and remodelers to comfortably work at different heights, therefore maximizing productivity. The 36” high extended guardrail and the larger platform surface delivers more comfort for the professional user who is often required to stand on a ladder for prolonged periods of time.

The new features and functionality for the Werner Podium Ladder include:

  • Waist-High Guard Rail: The 36” high extended guard rail wraps around the ladder top for more security and total freedom of movement, while providing the ability to work from any direction on the jobsite.
  • Podium Platform: Extra-large platform for all-day comfort, feels like you are standing on the ground.
  • Edge360™ Bracing System: The system provides stability and drop-protection with an over-sized footpad.
  • LOCKTOP™ Customization for the Ladder Top: With the new LOCKTOP™ functionality, users can secure an arsenal of tools and accessories that are Lock-In Compatible. The Lock-In Accessory System allows you to customize your ladder top for the job. Whether there is a need for a Lock-In paint cup or utility bucket, professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts will have access to their tools, when needed.
  • Fiberglass Construction: The seven-layer Werner quality fiberglass construction is non-conductive for the extra safety and peace of mind for electrical contractors.


  • load capacity of 375 lbs 
  • 4X the work zone
  • extra-large platform

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