Poly Aspartic Flooring System Dries Fast to Reduce Downtime


Chemline Incorporated introduces its new FLOOR NU P.A. (Poly Aspartic), a two component high solids (86% solids be weight), Zero VOC’s, aliphatic poly aspartic coating that is ideal for concrete, wood, and steel surfaces in food processing facilities, aircraft hangar flooring, cold room floors, maintenance areas and industrial shop floors. This product offers fast cure times (45 minutes) and it has excellent adhesion properties. This information is according to John Henningsen, Brand Manager for the Steelcote Division of Chemline Inc. Floor Nu P.A. is engineered to gel quickly (15 minutes) in order to optimize leveling and wetting properties. Better still, it can be applied at temperatures ranging from 40-110F (4-43C). This poly aspartic elastomer displays excellent chemical resistance, water insensitivity, and UV resistance across a wide range of temperatures. When fully cured, the facility owner will enjoy the glossy, smooth finish. Aggregate can be broadcast into this product to provide a non-skid surface. According to the manufacturer: “Floor Nu Poly Aspartic is low odor and it can be applied indoors with minimal disturbance -- unlike most epoxies and polyurethanes.” This product meets United State Department of Agriculture and US Food & Drug Administration specifications for coatings in food and pharmaceutical processing facilities.
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