PolyMag Metal and X-Ray Detectable Plastic Additives


FDA compliant PolyMag™ Additives from Eriez impart metal detectability, x-ray contrast and magnetic susceptibility into plastic moldings to protect consumers from plastic contaminated food products. The FDA has offered a favorable opinion of PolyMag Additives per CTS 75807.

Eriez provides PolyMag Additives in a non-dusting pellet, giving molders and extruders the ability to produce metal detectable and x-ray visible plastic parts for food contact applications. Molders can satisfy varying levels of detectability at a cost that is significantly lower than specialty compounds. “By utilizing PolyMag Additives, the need to buy minimum quantities of special compounds and carry excess material inventory is eliminated,” says John Collins, Manager-Plastics and PolyMag Processing.

Collins explains, “Major restaurant chains are insisting that food processors use plastic and rubber articles that are metal and x-ray detectable. This has become part of many companies’ HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) programs.” He continues, “PolyMag Additives are an ideal solution for maintaining HACCP requirements, safeguarding customers and protecting brand reputation.”

Eriez supplies its masterbatch PolyMag Additives to molders of returnable plastic containers, pallets, scoops, scrappers, o-rings, gaskets, conveyor belting, drive belting, bucket elevators and more. Eriez also provides PolyMag powders for special compounding needs or for use in foam, thermoset rubber and liquid raw materials. PolyMag Additives are typically included at 10-20% loadings in moldings and extrusions.

Resins containing the PolyMag Gray can be pigmented by the molder to darker colors such as blue, gray, green, red and purple. Economical PolyMag Black is suitable for black applications. Eriez offers the PolyMag masterbatch pellets with various carrier resins including ethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, nylon, acetal and a flexible elastomer.


  • non-dusting pellet
  • varying levels of detectability
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