Polyshell Seating Provides Increased Options for Limited Budgets


BioFit Engineered Products, an Ohio-based manufacturer and long-standing leader in the development of ergonomic seating solutions, kicked off the New Year by introducing a new polyshell seating series. Created to provide a sensible yet sexy alternative to conventional multipurpose seating, the new, colorful polyshell series chairs are larger with more ergonomic features than their predecessors, and designed for use in a variety of settings.
“The new polyshell is a continuance of our commitment to helping customers get the most bang from their furnishing budget by delivering durable, stylish and affordable seating that works in as many environments as possible,” stated BioFit Director of Marketing Liz Sworden. She explained: “With the polyshell, we combined enhanced ergonomics with proven engineering and a fun color palette to meet demand for more attractive multipurpose seating that will fit larger body types. Perhaps most significantly, though, we’re able to offer the new series at the same price as the old polyshell, which will be especially advantageous as customers deal with today’s uncertain economic climate.”
Suitable for anyplace from hospitals, offices and schools to factories, laboratories and clean rooms, BioFit’s new polyshell chairs feature rugged one-piece shell construction, a waterfall front and flexible backrest, six standard luminous shell colors, and numerous caster, base, color and performance options. All models of the roomy 18-inch wide chair carry on the ergonomic tradition and 13-year warranty BioFit is known for.
Sworden said BioFit is proud that it had been able to develop another new seating line that not only competes with some of the bigger manufacturers on style but offers a cost-effective and quality ergonomic alternative. “The polyshell line is proof that BioFit’s strategy of making products that architects, designers and others can specify for virtually any environment is well underway,” she concluded, noting that the polyshell line represents the fourth new design roll out by BioFit since January 2008.

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