The portable access ladder has a stationary base section 9'0" high x 5'0" long with a top landing 1'6" long x 2'0" wide. The lower stationary section has a "ships" ladder with 9-12" rises, 8-4" grip strut treads for accessing the upper platform. The stationary base has 8" semi-pneumatic casters with brakes on the rear and 8' stationary semi-pneumatic wheels on the front. The unit is equipped with two telescoping leveling jacks for added stability and adjustment. The upper platform manually adjusts from 9'0" to an under clearance of 13'0". The upper platform is 2'0" wide x 4'0" long and constructed with grip strut grating. The upper platform has neoprene bumpers on the outboard end and complete with handrails. The lifting feature is with a manual cable winch, which is adjustable from grade.


• Base - 9'0" high x 5'0" • Wide- 1'6" long x 2'0"
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