Portable Air Cleaner Brochure


Full-color brochure showcases the improved TM 1000 TaskMaster from Micro Air® Clean Air Systems, a portable unit that offers shop and plant air cleaning unlike any other portable on the market.  Capable of source capturing pollutants and fumes when grinding, welding, cutting, gluing and more using a variety of attachments, an operator simply rolls the TaskMaster to the work area, plugs it into any 120v single-phase outlet, and chooses the attachment necessary to get the job done.  The TaskMaster eliminates the need to buy a different air cleaner for each application.             

The brochure shows the TaskMaster's available attachments including the improved articulated source capture arms in various sizes. The arm design has been improved to provide better airflow, more precise positioning, and improved maneuverability with the easy-grip hood. Other attachments include dual articulated arms (for use by two operators), downdraft table, backdraft hood, and long reach flexible hose with hood.  Compact design adds to the TM 1000’s portability,  with a small 25 ½” x 32 ½” footprint allowing  operation in confined areas. 

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