Portable Beveler Mounts to Pipe


An electric portable pipe machining tool that is a powerful alternative to pneumatic tools for end prepping boiler tubes and other pipe fabrication work has been introduced.


The ESCO MILLHOG Mini Electric Pipe Beveling Tool rigidly mounts to the tube or pipe I.D. and is suited for end prepping heavy-wall stainless steel pipe and other highly alloyed metals when compressed air is not available. Featuring a high-torque variable speed motor that spins at 19 to 66 RPM, it is ideal for beveling hard and soft boiler tubes and pipes from 1.25” I.D. to 6.625” O.D. and pulls a thick chip without needing cutting oils.


Capable of performing any angle of prep including compound bevels and J-preps, the ESCO MILLHOG Mini Electric Pipe Beveling Tool utilizes the same proven EscoLock cutter blade holding system as the air-powered version of this tool.  Designed for repetitive end preps, it has a heavy-duty gear drive and all clamping components are heat treated including the draw rod.



  • Tool rigidly mounts to pipe or tube ID.
  • Self-centering draw rod assembly.
  • Single gear drive system for optimum performance.
  • One mandrel covers a majority of the cutting range.
  • Cutter blade locking design eliminates chatter.
  • Cutter blades index easily for proper set up.
  • Pneumatically powered with torque-free operation.
  • Removes tube stub welds and prepares the header.
  • Automatically squares off the end of pipe or tube.
  • Produces clean, continuous chip without cutting oils.
  • Lightweight and simple to operate without special training.
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