Portable CMM for Shopfloor Environments


With 15 blue laser crosses, 4X more resolution, 4X faster, and ISO 17025 accredited factory calibration, the MetraSCAN BLACK is the ideal portable 3D scanner and CMM for demanding quality control applications right on the shop floor.


As a fast, accurate, and portable optical CMM scanner, the MetraSCAN BLACK can be seamlessly integrated into any quality control, quality assurance, inspection, MRO, or reverse engineering workflow. Extremely versatile, it can be used by operators of any skill level to quickly measure highly complex parts in a wide range of sizes, materials, and finishes in real-time. Thanks to the C-Track optical tracker that enables dynamic referencing, the scanner, the part, and the optical tracker can move during the inspection and still provide accurate measurements.


The CMM scanner line-up is specifically designed for manufacturing and metrology professionals who do not want to compromise on quality or efficiency. It can withstand any production environment, including shop floor vibrations, part movements, and environmental instability—all while accelerating 3D measurement workflows. This optical scanner has been engineered to perform highly accurate and repeatable metrology-grade measurements and 3D geometrical surface inspections.


When paired with the HandyPROBE, Creaform’s handheld optical coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) with probing capabilities, users can also harness the power of both 3D scanning and probing for complete, end-to-end inspection processes.


The MetraSCAN 3D seamlessly operates with VXelements, a fully integrated, user-friendly 3D scanning software platform. VXelements’s range of advanced modules lets you leverage all the dimensional information captured by MetraSCAN 3D in a simplified, feature-rich data processing environment.


  • Shop-floor accuracy of 0.025 mm
  • 1,800,000 measurements/second
  • 15 blue laser crosses (large scanning area)
  • Resolution of 0.025 mm for highly detailed scans
  • ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
  • Optional probing capabilities
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