Portable Crane Products Feature Full Hydraulic Power


Ruger Industries, Inc., has announced a new series of full power hydraulic floor crane products. These portable cranes can lift and transport up to 6000 lbs. without effort using electrically-actuated hydraulics. They are particularly valuable in replacing manual lifting equipment, as they provide an ergonomic, strain-free solution to moving heavy loads. Many firms use the full power cranes as safer, smaller and more economical alternatives to traditional tow-motor type lift trucks. Full power floor cranes are nimble, and can navigate door openings, narrow aisles and elevators. Suspended loads are held in place without motor or mechanical brake. Lifting mechanism does not require air or electricity.

Ruger manufacturers adjustable leg style, reverse leg style and standard style powered portable cranes. All are available with stainless steel construction for clean room or food processing applications. All Ruger products are constructed for continuous industrial use. They feature structural tubing of 1/4" to 1/2" wall thickness, large lubricated casters and totally welded fabrication. Although they contain more than twice the metal as many competitive cranes with the same lifting rating, they are easy to maneuver.


• Max. Capacity 6000 lbs • Overall Base Length 101” • Overall Width 49” • Overall Height 98 7/8” • Width Between Legs 36” • Boom Reach Retracted 68 5/8” • Boom Reach Extended 108 5/8” • Boom Height (lowest position) 31” • Boom Height (highest position) 153 5/8” • Ext. Boom Height (lowest position) 4” • Ext. Boom Height (highest position) 182” • Height of Legs 11” • Wheel Diameter-Load Wheels 8” • Wheel Diameter-Steering Wheels 6”
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