Portable deep marking solution


Capable of attaining a depth of 0.4mm, the XF530p is the world´s first portable deep marking by micro-percussion machine - which stands out for its versatility and ease of use. Whether it is used on tubes or smooth surfaces, it is simply applied to the part, with no need for other pre-tension equipment or supplementary positioning. It can mark pipelines (oil, mining, gas), lifting/hoisting equipment (pallet trucks, forklift trucks), "off the road" vehicles and even naval constructions and metallic structures. The first technical difficulty the XF530p had to overcome was to combine compactness with a mechanism that was rigid enough to support the movements that come with marking by micro-percussion - to 0.4mm. To do this, the Technifor teams used their accumulated experience - from producing many thousands of micro-percussion marking machines - to design such a system. The XF530p - which weighs just 18kg, for a volume of several dm3 - is also highly versatile. It has a marking field of 200mm x 50mm and can mark a huge variety of text, logos, dates, variables and Data Matrix codes. The marking can be done on the flat, at angles or on radial curves, and with different types of font characters (continuous line, separated marks, or standard 5x7 fonts). Its adjustable positioning stand means it can work just as well on tubes and shapes as it can on smooth surfaces. The XF530p is also designed to be ergonomic. Its marking release buttons are positioned on the control handle to facilitate good positioning during operation. Its remote control unit, the UC500, is designed to be used throughout the world. It comprises an interface in 19 languages, managing 14 types of keypad, and uses a universal power supply that operates between 90 and 250 volts. The integrated monitoring software is also very user-friendly, ensuring fast creation of marking information. A large backlit screen allows quick sight of any marking in progress. Finally, the XF530p is very accessible and open to numerous interface connections (RS232, Ethernet and 8E/4S) to establish a link with information networks and/or in-house tracking systems. A simple USB key can import or export numbers, logos and historic documents. Its memory capacity has been upgraded to handle 1000 marking documents. Numerous accessories are available: 3m, 6m, 10m and 15m power leads, cable equalising systems, measurement positioning stands, disk drive code bars and DataMatrix code drives.
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