Portable Hand Held Drill Press


GloTech announces the release of the Strong Arm 5® - a powerful portable hand-held drill press. With its dramatic 5 to 1 leverage advantage, this innovative new product provides improved drilling ability in a durable, lightweight tool. When it comes to performance, convenience, and affordability, there is no comparison with the Strong Arm 5®. Until now, drilling operators have had to rely on pure muscle in order to push the drill or have relied on large and cumbersome drill presses such as magnetic drill presses which are heavy and have very limited usages. The Strong Arm 5® changes all this. Designed for use with any hand-held drill, the Strong Arm 5® is easy to use and requires virtually no setup time. Pulling the handle of the Strong Arm 5® draws the drill toward the drilling surface with a 5 to 1 leverage advantage. In other words, for every pound of pull on the handle, there are 5 pounds at the drill bit. This means faster drilling with less effort, less operator fatigue, and less chance for injury. Its power, portability, and convenience make the Strong Arm 5® your drilling solution for almost any drilling need. In addition, this portable drill press is fully adjustable. It can be used to drill down as well as up. It can be used in both right-handed and left-handed drilling situations. All adjustments are quick and easy making the Strong Arm 5® an ideal solution for situations where leverage is needed but would impossible with any other drill press. The Strong Arm 5® is an amazing drilling solution that can be utilized in a wide variety of industries and applications including the following: drilling out rivets on semi-truck trailers, by locksmiths on commercial doors, by counter top installers, and by anyone who drills vehicle bodies and frames such as installers of trailer and RV hitches as well as tire and suspension technicians. Let the Strong Arm 5® work for you! The Strong Arm 5® is advanced engineered and made in the USA and designed for durability, mobility, convenience, and safety. Quality aluminum construction makes the Strong Arm 5® sturdy and lightweight - just 3.5 pounds.
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