Portable Interface Box


The new EIB 741 now available from HEIDENHAIN Corporation is an external interface box for precise position measurement.  It is a network-capable measuring solution that removes the requirement of a PC interface card that is usually necessary when connecting measurement apparatus to an industrial PC or laptop.

The EIB 741 is ideal for inspection stations and multipoint inspection apparatuses as well as for mobile data acquisition, such as in machine inspection and calibration.  A maximum of four HEIDENHAIN encoders, either with sinusoidal incremental signals (1Vpp) or with EnDat interfaces (EnDat 2.1 and EnDat 2.1), can be connected to the EIB 741.

This external interface box subdivides the periods of the incremental signals up to 4096-fold for measured-value generation.  The integrated measured-value memory enables the EIB 741 to save up to 250,000 measured values per axis.  Internal or external triggers can be used for axis-specific storage of the measured values.

A standard Ethernet interface using TCP/IP or UDP communication is standard for data output.  This permits the direct connection to the PC or laptop.  The type of measured-value transfer can be selected through the operating mode (transfer of individual values, block transfer, or transfer upon software request).

Driver software for Windows, Linux and LabVIEW is included in the items supplied in order to process the measured values on the PC.  The driver software facilitates programming as well as includes programming examples demonstrating the performance range of the EIB 741.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, two EIB 741 interface boxes fit next to each other within a standard 19-inch housing, occupying one height unit.  Multiple boxes can also be daisy-chained in other configurations.


  • for precise position measurement
  • saves up to 250,000 measured values per axis
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