Portable Laser Marker Is Extremely Lightweight


VIS-P joins the Automator family of laser marking solutions, and is an extremely light and solid unit.The VIS-P is great for applications to mark plastics, metals and alloys, as well as anodized, painted surfaces. With two laser handles and a Snorkel that insures accurate and safe laser beam up to three feet, the VIS-P allows for marking large, oversized components on the spot.

 This robust and compact laser system is air cooled for economical operation. The VIS-P laser comes standard with a marking area of 110 x 110 mm (4.33 x 4.33”). Alternative size marking areas are options. Also included in the VISP Laser package is the Galvometric head, laser source, electronics, and external power supply.


VIS-P comes standard with laser sources options that include:

  • IVO₄,
  • 10 w
  • 20 w
  • 30 w 
  • 40 w
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