Portable Power Panel


Providing 480Y/277V AC 3-phase power, a 250-amp portable power distribution panel allows operators to tap into and distribute 480Y/277V AC power from a variety of sources including remote generators and standard grid power.


The PDU-PNL-3P-MCB-250A-480Y.277-50X20A-1P is a 250-amp portable power distribution panel that offers operators in industrial worksites a safe way to utilize power sources independently of the work area. This panel contains 50, 20-amp 1-pole breakers.


This NEMA 3R distribution panel is operable indoors and outdoors for general applications such as construction sites, plants maintenance and turnaround, exhibits, and shipyard operations. This UL 1640 certified power distributor is housed in a space saving enclosure that protects the unit from particles in the air and moisture. The unit is constructed of steel and features a slim profile with plug-in mounting configurations. Lockable opening deters the possibility of tampering. Knockouts are included for the convenient installation of operator provided cables.


Line In: Customer Provided

UL 1640 Power-Distribution Equipment

Max Primary OCP: 250 Amps

NEMA 3R Indoor or Outdoor Use

Panel: 250A 480Y/277V AC 3PH MCB N3R

Breakers: (50) 20A 1P [277V]

Materials: Steel, Copper

Form Factor: Rectangular, Slim-profile Enclosure w/ Lockable Opening

Wire Size: #10-1/0 AWG

Dimensions: 27 x 15 X 7 in.

Weight: 39 lb.

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