Portable Valve Actuator - Smith Flow Control (USA)


Smith Flow Control has ushered in an affordable way for companies to safely manage valve operations. The Easi-Drive portable valve actuator securely and effectively operates valves in power plants, oil refineries, paper mills and chemical processing facilities. One operator can efficiently operate multiple valves with a single tool while reducing fatigue and injury risk. The tool is especially effective on valves that require a high number of turns or are otherwise difficult to operate because of high torque or location. 

Easi-Drive is a lightweight, portable and adaptable tool that can be powered by air, electricity or battery.  The tool’s reaction device protects the user from the “kick” normally associated with other torque tools.  Easi-Drive also features a variable output torque adjustment that is available in sizes of maximum output from 350 to 8,500 foot pounds.  Unlike an impact wrench that can damage a valve, the Easi-Drive is a continuous drive system.


  • safely manage valve operations
  • powered by air, electricity or battery
  • continuous drive system
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