By reducing valve operation to a one-person activity, Easi-Drive eliminates operator fatigue and greatly reduces the risk of injury. In addition, operator efficiency is greatly enhanced by significantly reducing operating time.

Comprising three elements: drive gun, valve coupler and power pack, Easi-Drive is adaptable to any size or type of valve. Fully portable, it can manage a bank of valves with a single drive tool, and is particularly useful for moving tight or partially-seized valves. Suitable for all climatic conditions, it is ideal for minimum facilities installations.

Easi-Drive is available with three alternative power sources: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric (mains or battery). In any production or manufacturing facility it can be run on adjacent plant air or single-phase electrical supply. All torque ranges are catered for, with variable torque adjustment capability as standard.

The device is the ideal replacement for the common practice of using cheater bars or impact wrenches. Specific torque values are easily specified to prevent the recommended input to valves being exceeded, and it is designed to automatically shut off at the preset torque limit.
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