Portable Washbay Station


The Riveer WASHMASTER 500 is a portable, low profile wash rack system for washing industrial and commercial equipment – cleaning and degreasing a multitude of parts (from fork lifts to tooling) in maintenance operations…  to dies, large castings and machined parts in the production areas. Whether you need to clean off oil, emulsions, grease or other grime, the WASHMASTER cleans, contains and filters wash water, removing the contaminants for recycling or proper discharge to drain. Portable, requiring no site engineering or permitting, WASHMASTER allows facility managers to place the wash rack systems within or outside the facility, knowing it can be moved when needed. 
  • GripStart™ on/off system starts the whole system with the squeeze of the trigger and shuts it down once released 
  • 1500 to 2900 psi of cleaning power, allows you to focus the pressurized spray into recesses and blind holes for quick and thorough cleaning
  • Low profile (5” height) is the lowest wash rack on the market; easily accommodates forklifts, drum stands, hand carts, etc. 
  • Non-skid, flat surface provides the users with a safe walking surface even when wet.
  • Forklift ports for easily moving both rack and filtration unit 
  • Overspray walls help keep surrounding area moisture free 
 Washing is only part of the solution. WASHMASTER 500 features the RTS 500 washwater water treatment system. The small footprint/big capacity recycle unit includes an inlet screen basket to capture gross contaminants prior to the filtration chamber and includes oil coalescing and disk oil skimmer, ozone injection, 24/7 recirculation, back washable media filtration and absolute filtration to keep your degreasing solution clean!


  • 1500 to 2900 psi of cleaning power
  • low profile
  • forklift ports
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