Portable xScanHandle G200 and xScale S200 for Inventory Tasks


The xScanHandle G200 and xScale S200 provide portability and Bluetooth communication to work wherever inventory needs to be managed or shipped. The handle and scale act as add-ons for MobileDemand's line of tablets, complementary to all major tablet providers.


The xScanHandle G200 attaches to tablets and cases, turning them into barcode scanners for use in warehouses and distribution operations. With its pistol grip and trigger pull, the G200 is designed to be comfortable for long hours of scanning. Haptic feedback, LED light indicators, and a 100-lumen flashlight make it easy to use in noisy or dark environments. 


The patent-pending xScanHandle G200 can be flexibly configured with a variety of short to ultra-long-range Honeywell scanners that match the device to its possible use cases. It comes with a long-life swappable battery that will last through multiple shifts and single and six-bay chargers are available to accommodate multiple scan handles.


The xScale S200 is a Bluetooth scale that can be used wherever items need to be weighed. Its lightweight, compact form opens to a Y-shape on which items are placed for weighing. The collapsible arms make it easy to carry and use, with a side holster available to work hands-free.


Collected data in imperial or metric form is quickly captured and available via Bluetooth connection. The 72-hour rechargeable battery means it will easily last through multiple shifts. It can be used as a stand-alone device or as part of MobileDemand’s xDIM Mobile Dimensioning system that easily captures box dimensions anywhere.

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