'PosiGrip® Dipped Gloves


West Chester Holdings expands their PosiGrip® line with dipped gloves for industrial and commercial applications.  For over 30 years, the PosiGrip® brand of gloves has provided consistent quality at competitive prices, and these new dipped gloves continue that legacy. Combining the comfort of a nylon or poly/cotton base material with the functionality of a dipped glove, these new gloves provide extra grip on wet or oily materials, and better surface adhesion on dry applications.  Sizes from xs to xxl ensure a proper fit and optimal dexterity.  Materials available include nitrile, polyurethane, latex and bi-polymer (nitrile & polyurethane blend) to handle wet and dry applications such as bottling and canning, recycling, manufacturing, general mechanical applications, assembly, and handling of small oily parts.  “PosiGrip provides a better grip on a wider range of surfaces – making them ideal for a wide range of industrial or consumer applications,” said Category Manager Jan Stevenot.  “We’re excited about the utility and the value that they provide.”

Application-specific variations in designs include dipped coverage areas of palm, ¾ palm, and full-palm with deep saddle coverage.  Differing dip materials allow users to select the level of chemical and solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, durability, and more.  Antibacterial surfactants available on some models prevent odors and bacteria from forming.  Each PosiGrip® glove is clearly labeled with the appropriate EN388 rating and size indicator to ensure that the right glove with the right fit is used for the job.

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