PosiStop® Oil Shear Coupler Brakes


The Posistop oil shear coupler brake is an ideal replacement for electric brakes often found mounted on the back of a special brake motor. The Posistop coupler brake mounts to the working end of a standard C-face motor eliminating the need for a special brake motor. This means the motor can be used for non-brake applications as well, thus reducing motor inventory.
This may also allow use of a fan cooled motor which is sometimes incapable with brake mounted on the fan end.  Posistop coupler brakes can be used in virtually any application in which common electrically released motor brakes are used, including palletizers, conveyors, hoists, loaders, unloaders, and many others.

Posistop brakes can be used on the working end because they are not frequently removed or opened up for maintenance and adjustment.  With oil shear technology, the brake life is often as long as the motor service life.

Designed for long life

Posistop brakes feature Teflon liners on all piston sealing areas for a smooth response and long service life.  This also eliminates o-ring breakage. Bearings are oil lubricated. Solid cast iron or aluminum totally enclosed housings protect the brake from adverse environments including dust, dirt, and moisture. The unique collet design hub connection eliminates key and keyway failures and ensures easy disassembly.

Oil Shear Technology

Oil Shear Technology is the reason the Posistop brakes by Force Control do not need maintenance, adjustment and last up to 10 times longer than standard electric motor brakes. Oil Shear Technology is the function of a boundary layer of transmission fluid in shear between the friction disc and drive plate. As the parts come together the fluid under shear will transmit torque between the two parts as well as absorb heat. This heat is then taken away from the friction surface to the housing to be dissipated.

Air actuation is better

Because the Posistop brakes are air actuated – or hydraulically actuated – they function without the problems associated with failed, coils, slow response due to back emf, additional electrical heat, and failure of small linkage parts, found is electrically actuated brakes. The use of air actually tends to cool the brake rather warm it.

Available in many sizes
The spring set Posistop coupler brakes come in many sizes and torques for motor frame sizes 56 to 320 and torque ranging from 6 Lb. Ft. to 450 Lb. Ft. They can be used horizontally or vertically, and require a very small amount of air up to 80 PSI.
Posistop brakes are available in other configurations such as brake motors, through shaft, and flange mounted. They can also be spring set, air release, or air set, spring release. Hydraulic actuation is available for applications where air is not an option.

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