Potentiometer Switch Assembly


Electro-Mech’s new SW44832 potentiometer switch assembly offers both rotary and push-on functionality for maximum operation control.  The compact all-in-one unit saves valuable panel space in applications where there are tight design limitations.              

The SPST switch enables the user to specify a value so that at the push of a button, the circuit or channel automatically opens at the preset level.  Featuring an edgelit button (optional) and a momentary snap-click pushbutton switch, the SW44832 also features a 10K W resistance potentiometer module.  Typical applications for the SW44832 switch include industrial/avionics displays and audio controls, instrument panel controls, and other high-density panels.  Previous models were only available using EMC’s slide bar switch actuation design. The SW44832 also features front facing PC pins for easier interface to the PC Board in the next higher assembly.            

Lightweight, the compact unit weighs less than one ounce and measures less than ¾” square.  The SW44832 requires less than 1” of space behind the display panel and mounts directly to the PCB via front facing PC pins.             

The SW44832 is rated at 0.10A resistive at 30 VDC. Potentiometer resistance is 10K W+10% but can be customer specified.  Other features provided by the SW44832 include momentary snap-click switching, an operating pressure of 42 oz. (+ 7 oz.), plunger travel of approximately 0.040”, and a rated switch life of 250,000 minimum actuations.


  • all-in-one unit
  • weighs less than one ounce
  • measures less than ¾” square

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