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XOne is an industrial-grade wearable computing device in an eyewear form factor that captures and streams high fidelity audio and visual content, enabling first-person point-of-view (POV) workplace collaboration in real-time. As new technologies have been enabling professionals throughout the world to work and collaborate remotely, commercial and industrial workers still require a practical telepresence solution for performing technical operations in the field alongside remote teams and management. The XOne eyewear and software suite virtually place a third party in a remote location, allowing for a shared, hands-on telepresence experience in real-time and enabling workers to perform and share manual operations, employee training, diagnostics and quality control operations with remote teams from virtually any environment. XOEye’s end-to-end solution includes its easy-to-use Vision cloud-based storage and management software for simple recording and archiving of operations for later retrieval and sharing along with applications for managing users, devices and files. 

XOne Industrial-grade POV Eyewear Key Features and Highlights: 

Hardware Layer
  • A sleek, robust eyewear form factor; safety-grade plastic/glass, prescription lenses available
  • HD video recording using a 5 mega-pixel camera with options to record locally, live stream for real-time sharing, and capture still photos for data logging
  • Microphones and speakers for two-way audio communication and collaboration
  • Suite of sensors, including gyroscope and accelerometer for data measurement. 
Firmware and Software Layers
  • Device runtime provides a rich framework for custom wearable application development
  • Uses rich API’s in provided SDK package
  • Cloud-hosted device and service management suite allows users to organize and manage the content created and then turn that data into actionable intelligence. 
“In today’s increasingly distributed workplace with remote workers and field technicians performing many business-critical frontline work and customer interactions, there is a clear market opportunity to record these events and even stream them to other personnel for remote support and oversight,” said Aaron Salow, CEO XOEye Technologies. “There are myriad applications for this technology, and internally our focus is on creating highly targeted solutions for key industrial segments like IT, field services, and manufacturing.


  • HD video recording
  • Microphones and speakers
  • sleek, robust eyewear

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to much sales pitch wasting my time. companies website hits you right away with videos instead of short and clear info and pricing.