Metal finishers looking for color solutions and greener coating options can benefit from Sherwin-Williams new POWDURA® RAL Powder Program, with 188 solid, high gloss colors in Super Durable Polyester technology, a cutting-edge, TGIC-free polyester powder coating formulated to provide better durability and transfer efficiency than standard TGIC powders. All Sherwin-Williams RAL powder colors are stringently matched to official RAL 841 standards, the European Master Standard for color selection, and are available in convenient 25 pound and 250 pound drum sizes with short lead times to meet metal finishers’ tight deadlines. In addition to providing better exterior durability, Super Durable RAL colors accept and hold electrical charge better than standard TGIC powders, improving transfer efficiency by 10% or more. The technology’s non-toxic, TGIC-free properties also contribute to making it a greener solution for metal finishers. POWDURA® RAL Super Durable Powders meet AAMA 2603-02 specifications for the metal building industry and are ideal for use by the electronics, heavy equipment, machine tool and general metal finishing markets. Several colors can be formulated to meet NSF-51 standards for incidental food contact. Further, Sherwin-Williams liquid coatings can be custom ordered in many RAL colors to provide a wide range of coating solutions on a variety of substrates requiring both liquid and powder finishes. Available as epoxy, hybrid, polyester and polyurethane, Sherwin-Williams POWDURA finishes deliver a highly durable, protective finish that minimizes substrate defects in both interior- and exterior-use products such as office furniture, electronic cabinetry, automotive components, lawn/garden equipment and outdoor furniture. Whether finishers need special effect looks, low-cure or thin-film, out-gas-free or E-cap-free, Sherwin-Williams has the right chemistries to ensure that finishing lines run smoothly and at peak efficiency.


• 60° Gloss: 25±5 • Cure Schedule: 10 min. at 400°F • Film Thickness Range: 2.0 – 3.0 mils • Specific Gravity: 1.44 ± .05 • Coverage at 1.0 Mil 134.17 sq. ft./ lb
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