Power Distribution - 45 KVA Transformer - 1 Three Phase Panel - 1 120/208Y Panel - Welding Outlets



This Magnalight 45KVA Power Distribution Substation has a 100 amp three phase 480 wye main breaker panel and a 100 amp 120/208Y main breaker panel. Both panels are rated Nema 12 for use in areas with dust. Six 480 Volt welding receptacles with safety shroud are protected by 3 pole 30 amp breakers within the three phase panel. Twelve duplex 120V outlets are protected by 1 pole 20 amp breakers in the single phase panel. 

The customer provides an SO cable that brings 480V three phase power to the 100 amp three phase 480 wye, 42 circuit main breaker panel. Six 3 pole, 30 amp breakers protect 6 twistlock 480V welding receptacles with safety shroud. A 3 pole, 50 amp breaker protects the Nema 3R configured 45KVA transformer. The 480V three phase to 120/208Y 45KVA transformer delivers 120/208Y to the 100 amp main breaker, 42 circuit panel. Twelve single pole 20 amp breakers protect 12 duplex 120V outlets. This panel also includes three 2-pole 50 amp breakers, 6 additional 20 amp single pole breakers and two 20 amp 2 pole 20 amp breakers for spares.


MPD-45K-2X100A-6X480-24X120 Power Distribution Substation
Line In: Three Phase 480 VAC with SO cable provided by customer
Disconnnect: Customer provided
Outlets: 12 X 120V 20 amp, weather protected receptacles and 6 X 480V Twistlock welding receptacles

Load Center: 1 X 3 phase, 100 amp NEMA12 panel w/ 42 circuits and 1 X 120/208Y, 100 amp NEMA 12 panel with 42 circuits

Breakers - 3 phase panel: 6 X 3-pole, 30 amp breakers and 1 3-pole, 50 amp breaker

Breakers - 120/208Y panel: 14 X single pole, 20 amp breakers for outlets, 6 X single pole, 20 amp spare breakers and two 2-pole, 20 amp spare breakers.

Transformer KVA: 45 KVA
Dimensions: W-48" X L-48" X H-55"
Frame: Powder coated/painted steel frame with diamond plate base
Transport: 8 inch locking polyurethane casters, forklift access and pick eye
Ground: Mechanical Ground
Weight: 650lbs
American Made
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