Power Factor Correction Products


Staco Energy Products has produced a new brochure which details their lineup of power factor correction products that help companies to more efficiently use their supplied power.  Improving power factor can help companies "green" their operations by using energy more efficiently and it can have help save money as well. The new literature is available online at  or by contacting the company.  Poor power factor plagues is caused by inherently inefficient motors - like those used on air conditioning/heating/air movement systems, material handling equipment, pumps and motors used in process and manufacturing environments, and more.  

Staco power factor correction equipment is at use in many commercial and industrial environments. "If utility invoicing includes terms like 'KVA demand' or 'adjusted (or billed) kw demand' or 'reactive power'" said Rich Zuccaro, Staco Power Factor Program Manager, "then they are likely paying a penalty or surcharge for poor power factor.  If that is the case, then they can benefit from Staco power factor correction technology - often achieving payback in two years or less.  In addition to being cost-effective, we offer products that are space-efficient, occupying a small footprint."

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