Power Inverters for Hazardous Conditions


Providing a robust and ruggedized design, the MIL-K Series of MIL-COTS Inverters for military applications allows for high performance, superb reliability, and build to order flexibility. The MIL-K Series is the ideal source for use in shelters, vehicles, avionics, radar, naval and many other open air applications.


These highly efficient (93%) 3-level technology, COTS inverters offer 360Vdc to 750Vdc (600Vdc nominal) input voltage and 208Vac/120Vac three phase (30KW/37.5KVA) 60Hz output voltages. Series options include low and high IP rated (IP69), liquid (up to 65ºC) and air cooled, isolated and non-isolated, ac and dc inputs, parallel (N+1), hight output power and more.


Specific units are design to meet the following Mil Standards: Mil-Std-461 (CE, CS, RE, and RS),Mil-Std-1399-300A/B, Mil-Std-1332B, Mil-Std-704, Mil-Std-1275, Mil-Std-810, Mil-Std-901, Mil-Std-167, Mil-Std-202, Mil-Std-740. MIL-K Series also meet CAN (J1939), UL 60950 and UL 1950 CSA, CE Standards.

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