Powered Air Respirator


Duraflow Powered Air Respirator gives complete wearer assurance of respiratory protection to focus on the job rather than the protective equipment itself, in a multitude of hazardous situations and industries.
Duraflow’s automatic monitoring features ensure the airflow rate is maintained at precisely the correct level
to afford protection for the user. Visual and audible diagnostics alert the user of any drop in airflow below the
required level or when the battery needs re-charging. Two high-energy density battery options are available
–standard and extended duration which can be selected depending on shift coverage required—less
downtime more working time.
Duraflow will help employers meet the needs of workers across all demographics with its low respiratory
burden. Changes in lung function in older employees working in manual positions can reduce their ability to undertake certain active tasks. By providing workers with a cooling stream of purified air, Duraflow can for some workers make the difference between whether a job can be completed or not.



  • Real-time flow control
  • Versatile repiratory solution
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Two lithium-ion battery options
  • IP 67 ingress protection
  • Removable battery
  • Easily serviceable
  • Ultra-lightweight
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