Powerful High-Productivity Horizontal


The EC-630 is a large-capacity, high-production horizontal machining center with a 40" x 33" x 35" work envelope, 50-taper geared-head spindle, dual pallet changer with 630 pallets, 50-pocket side-mount tool changer and a built-in 1-degree pallet indexer (a full 4th axis is available).

The EC-630's geared head couples the motor directly to the spindle through a Haas-built, high-precision gearbox. This smooth-running system is very efficient, and offers tremendous thermal stability. The two-speed gearbox provides 450 ft-lb of torque for heavy material removal, and speeds to 6,000 rpm for finish cuts. Each of the machine's 630 mm pallets handles a 2,645 lb load, and the servo-driven pallet-changer swaps pallets quickly. A separate, protected load station allows the operator to safely load and unload parts or change fixtures on one pallet, while parts are being machined on the other - keeping spindle run-time at a maximum. The machine's enclosure accommodates parts up to 39.4" in both diameter and height.

For long-cycle production with minimal downtime, the EC-630 is equipped with a large-volume coolant tank and a high-capacity belt conveyor for efficient chip removal. Also standard are 710-ipm rapids, a 15" color LCD monitor with USB port, 1 MB of program memory, a flood and washdown coolant system and a programmable coolant nozzle.

To simplify service, the EC-630 spindle, gearbox and motor are assembled as a single modular unit that is easily removed and installed, if necessary.
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