Powerline Controller


This versatile, general purpose PWM driver module has been designed for user familiarity and reduced inventory in mind by offering several user selectable configurations in one off-the-shelf, cost effective package. The pre-written graphical user interface (GUI) allows easy access to all the settings and parameteers including selection of standard Anti-Stall, Anti-stall with auto reverse, horse power management or simple open loop valve control operating modes. Isolated communications when needed for set-up and diagnostics between the controller and PC is achieved by using the Opto3000 interface unit. the unit can drive single or dual coil applications and has a voltage reference jprovided for direct connection to a local joystick or potentiometer making this ideal for point-of-use applications. To make system integration easy, fast, and accurate, the controller will also accept all industry common voltage or current external command signals as well as a wide range of pulse frequencies for the anti-stall modes.
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