Powerline Filters


AutomationDirect now offers AEGIS powerline filters/surge protectors to protect single-phase electrical and electronic equipment from surges and line noise that can cause misoperation and damage. With multiple levels of surge protection, AEGIS series units guard against surges and clean up line noise. Available in premium filter and premium hybrid models, the powerline filters react instantly to changes in voltage regardless of phase angle or polarity; the premium hybrid model is ideal when the highest level of RFI/EMI protection is required. 

AEGIS powerline filters are 35mm DIN rail-mountable and feature LED status indicators; premium hybrid models also feature alarm contacts. The compact design contains no replaceable parts or items which require periodic maintenance. Available models provide up to 75 dB of filtering and up to 60 kA of surge protection. All units meet the latest UL safety standards for SPD (surge protective device) and EMI filtering protection. 

Specifically designed to protect against the full spectrum of transient disturbances, the AEGIS series is engineered to filter the entire sine wave. As a result, AEGIS devices are effective against both low and high-energy transients to prevent immediate equipment damage and failure of sensitive electronic equipment over time.


  • multiple levels of surge protection
  • guard against surges and clean up line noise
  • LED status indicators
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