Powerstar 5 Software Tests Families of Power Supplies With One Test


Intepro Systems, LLC today announced the availability of Version 3.0 of its Powerstar 5 software, which features improved database integration that allows for testing a family of power supplies with a single test program. Powerstar 5 V3.0 significantly cuts test program software (TPS) development and maintenance time by reading test parameters from a user-specified database or engineering design file, or even from the marketing spreadsheet. Instead of maintaining large numbers of test programs for each power supply series, the user may have one set – which the design engineers maintain. The company claims that Powerstar 5 V3.0 also reduces test times. “Compared to side-by-side DC-to-DC testing, we found test times to be reduced by 25%,” said Joe Engler, president, “and the time may be reduced by as much as 70% compared to ‘rack and stack’ test methods. In one example, an 8 minute AC-DC test was reduced to less than 3 minutes.” The “family test” feature also works for those manufacturers who have only a few power supply models but must retain them for decades. No need to search for that missed test that wasn’t updated when the nominal voltage changed. TPS recertification becomes a matter of changing a value in a database. The same feature that enables Powerstar 5 V. 3.0 to access a database also allows it to link to a quality management system, providing near real-time statistical process reporting on the test process. For instance, the software can automatically read the unit under test’s model and serial number, and check whether it needs to have a pre-burn, post-burn, or final test. Powerstar 5 V3.0 is included with new Intepro test systems, and is available at no charge for customers under warranty contracts or for $7,500 as an upgrade for earlier Intepro software.
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