Pre-Applied Zipper Packaging Film


Reclosable packaging is in a period of rapid growth, as many manufacturers realize the added value reclosable features offer consumers. This is especially true in the food industry, where a push towards reclosability has led to the implementation of a number of reseal technologies: traditional zip locks, slider locks, reusable adhesives and even Velcro-like closures. You may be considering adding a reclosable feature to your packaged products, or may have heard about the hype around new kinds of packaging, but likely have questions about the affordability of such a change. Packages constructed from pre-applied zipper film can be an ideal tool for companies looking to make the shift from traditional to reclosable packaging without significant cost or lag time. 


Benefits of flexible reclosable packaging:

  • From food products to cleaning supplies, items packaged in reclosable containers maintain their freshness longer
  • For companies for whom in-line addition of reclosable features is untenable, pre-applied zipper film offers a more convenient solution
  • Pre-applied zipper film requires the same packaging equipment as other flexible roll stock
  • Companies can switch to reclosable packaging from other flexible packages without any additional capital expenditure or long lead time
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