Pre-Assembled LED Stack Light Signal Towers


Available in 25, 30, 40, and 70 mm sizes, Patlite pre-assembled stack lights offer high intensity LED illumination and prism-cut lens design for enhanced visibility from any direction and are ideal for use in applications such as machine tools, packaging machines, conveyor systems, loading docks, retail center check outs and more.


Patlite stack lights can be purchased in one to five tier LED module assemblies (depending on the series). These pre-assembled units offer the convenience of not having to configure and order separate components.


With an ABS resin main body, 30mm MP/MPS series signal towers offer superior impact and heat resistance. They are designed for direct mounting and have a double insulation for enhanced durability and safety. One to four pre-assembled LED module versions are offered and an optional add-on alarm buzzer is available.


40 mm LCE series signal feature low maintenance and energy efficiency using LED technology. These signal towers are available in 2 to 4 tier models and two built-in alarm models are also available with selectable sound patterns.


The 70 mm LS7 Series features a smooth body surface that reduces adhesion of water and dust. There are no exposed screws, shafts or other metals making these signal towers adaptable in many environments. This series is suitable for high pressure and high temperature wash down environments. The LS7 series is offered in 3 tier and 5 tier versions and models are available with two separate alarm buzzers.

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