Pre-saturated Cleaning Wipe


JNJ Industries is now the sole source for disposable cleaning wipes pre-saturated with popular BIOACT® SC-10, an environmentally ‘green’ cleaning and degreasing solvent. BIOACT® SC-10, a product of Petroferm, Inc., is a blend of highly-refined aliphatic hydrocarbons, orange terpenes, and linear alcohols formulated to offer superior performance in degreasing and cleaning electronic materials including fluxes, solder pastes, and adhesives.

JNJ Industries has offered BIOACT® SC-10 in their popular pre-saturated cleaning wipes SuperSaturated SmartWipes® for nearly 10 years as part of JNJ’s GlobalTech® family of environmentally-responsible cleaning products. “Petroferm has decided to discontinue offering BIOACT in their own brand of pre-saturated wipe, and are referring their customers and distributors to our wipe product” says Robert Enterkin,   Director of Sales and Marketing for JNJ. “So we want to make people aware that they can still obtain wipes pre-saturated with BIOACT from us, in our pre-saturated SmartWipes product.”

BIOACT SC-10 SuperSaturated SmartWipes® are an ideal alternative for Isopropanol (IPA), Axarel®, and other chemistries used in hand wipe cleaning applications. The wipes are 100% polyester material, precisely saturated with BIOACT SC-10 for optimal manual cleaning. They are effective in removing all types of solder pastes, uncured encapsulants, silicone, conformal coatings, epoxy, tape residues, SMT adhesives and many other contaminants. BIOACT SC-10 cleans better than IPA, yet has a milder odor, reduced flammability, and no VOC content of IPA.  

JNJ’s SuperSaturated SmartWipes® are tough, lint-free, disposable wipes pre-saturated with a choice of solutions and packaged in handy re-sealable containers. They are designed to be used at the workbench or in the assembly line. They are available in re-closable canisters of 100 wipes. GlobalTech® BIOACT SC-10 BIOACT SC-10, like all GlobalTech solvents, is offered in several convenient packaging styles: saturated wipes, foil refill packs, spray bottles, gallons, and drums.


  • pre-saturated with popular BIOACT® SC-10
  • disposable cleaning wipes
  • 100% polyester material
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