Precise, Safe Drum Pours


The model 82A-GT  pouring palletizer combines beefy quality and ergonomics with the added benefit of a geared hand crank for precise tilting and pouring. Manually handling heavy drums has many risks, but this this palletizer has a  stable and productive V-shaped base that lets you place drums at pallet corners and tilt/pour at up to 26 in. high. Rotate drums 360 deg end-over-end and lock horizontally to dispense. A 55-gallon steel drum in horizontal position reaches 18.5 in. beyond the wheels of the V-shaped base.

An important optional feature is the economical MORStop tilt brake. MORStop automatically prevents out-of-control rotation of heavy, unbalanced drums. It will stop dangerous rotation and hold heavy drums at any angle, without the need for operator intervention.


  • 22-23.5 in diameter drum
  • Capacity: 600 lb
  • Tilt/pour at up to 26 in. high
  • 48.5 in. W x 39 in. L
  • Optional MORStop tilt brake
  • Counter-weighted for stability

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