Precise Stripping Machine



Schleuniger Inc., a leading international manufacturer of wire processing equipment, has introduced the CoaxStrip 6380 coaxial stripping machine. With a 20 percent increase in production output, the first machine of the new coaxial cable stripping generation is powerful, strong and user-friendly. With newly implemented processing functions and an innovative stripping head, the machine’s high flexibility, extreme precision, and top quality are guaranteed to increase your production rates and quality.


The CoaxStrip 6380 was presented for the first time at the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee on May 9th and 10th. New features include cable diameter verification, cable end detection, and automated cable retraction for flexible cables. These new functions all help to make the CoaxStrip 6380 the leader in its class.


The CoaxStrip 6380 offers users several unique and beneficial features including:

  • Cable End Detection ensures that the strip lengths are precise and repeatable, regardless of how the user inserts the cable into the machine.
  • Cable Diameter Verification compares the outside diameter of the inserted cable to the value stored in the cable program, preventing cable processing errors.
  • The centering jaws are located adjacent to the stripping blades and provide precision centering of the cable. The diameter of the centering jaws is programmable and this can reduce damage to the cable jacket, dielectric, and inner conductor. The programmability of the centering jaws also make it possible to control the amount of twisting of the of inner conductor.
  • Equipped with library based programming, an intuitive, user-friendly 5.7”color touchscreen, and the innovative S.On user software, the machine is easily configurable and can reduce training time.


The CoaxStrip 6380 perfectly matches Schleuniger’s claim: “To Be Precise”. The CoaxStrip 6380 provides optimal processing of most cable types with its intelligent programming. Its precision mechanics and high performance electronics are guaranteed to meet the most demanding applications.

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