Precision Flexible Shaft Couplings


Servometer® introduces the Servometer® SMC Line of light weight Integral Clamp Hubs for
ease of attachment, and to minimize marring precision shafts.

Servometer® SMC flexible couplings are low Inertia, Zero Backlash, Low Wind-Up, Precision Constant Velocity Universal joints. They will also help isolate vibration.

Servometer® SMC flexible couplings absorb angular and parallel misalignments in combination with axial movements, while precisely transmitting motion and torque.

These Servometer® SMC couplings are ideally suited for coupling to encoders and resolvers required for precision applications in instrumentation, positioning, robotics, and CNC machine tools, because of their high flexibility, minimal side loading, and low elastic wind-up. With wind-ups as low as 0.3 arc seconds per Newtoncentimeter available, accuracy is assured.
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