Precision Handheld Pumps for Pressure and Vacuum Calibration


Omega's new HPP series precision calibration pumps come in four models: the HPP-100 and HPP-VAC are economical pumps designed for 0 to 6.9 bar (0 to 100 psi) or 0 to -.95 bar (0 to 028 in Hg vacuum). Both models feature dual O-rings on all pistons for smooth operation with zero leakage. The HPP-600 is a pneumatic pump that can generate both vacuum and pressure. It covers a range from -.95 bar (28 inHg) vacuum to 41 bar (600 psi) pressure. The HPP-10K hydraulic pump can generate pressure from 0 to 690 bar (0 to 10,000 psi). It is compatible with most hydraulic fluids, oils, and water. All pumps are designed to provide long term reliability in harsh environments. This product is perfect for automotive, chemical, and petroleum industries.
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