Precision Interchangeable Thermistors for Demanding Medical Applications


Measurement Specialties (MEAS) introduces their new line of Precision Interchangeable Thermistors in RoHS compliant designs. These proven products offer highly accurate and stable temperature sensing for measurement, indication and compensation. They are ideal for temperature control of DNA Replication/Analysis and Cytology Equipment, patient monitoring during surgery and in post-operative care, newborn intensive care, and other critical medical applications. Tight interchangeability of precision components allows precise measurement without calibration of circuitry to match individual components. Interchangability of ±0.2ºC and ±0.1ºC are offered. Epoxy-encapsulated components are ideal for applications where cost, flexibility and a wide range of resistance values are important. Measurement Specialties Temperature Products Group was formed by combining the products and capabilities of YSI Temperature and BetaTHERM Sensors. The Temperature Products Group leads the market in providing critical temperature measurement solutions for medical applications. They manufacture high-quality thermistors and engineer-to-order probes for demanding medical applications where failure is not an option.


• Resistance @ 25°C Ohms 30,000 • tolerance 0°C to 70°C °C ± 0.2 • Beta Value 25/85 K 3943 • Tolerance on Beta Value % 0.8 • Time response in air Seconds < 10 • Dissipation Constant in air mW/°C 1 • Insulation Resistance (Min. of 100Mohms for 1 Sec.) Volts 500
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