Precision Laser Windows


TECHSPEC λ/10 Laser Line Coated Windows are ideal for protecting sensitive optical and electronic components in high power laser applications. These precision windows feature high transmission and minimal wavefront distortion while providing an environmental barrier to moisture and debris. Designed for direct integration into a wide variety of laser applications, the RoHS compliant windows provide laser grade specifications including λ/10 surface flatness, 10-5 surface quality, and <3 arcmin parallelism.


Guaranteeing a high laser damage threshold at their design wavelength, the robust windows feature anti-reflective coatings at common wavelengths of 266, 355, 532, and 1064 nm. These Laser V-Coats provide an absolute reflection of <0.25% at the design wavelength, which minimizes surface reflection and scatter for maximum system transmission.


TECHSPEC λ/10 Laser Line Coated Windows are available with diameters from 12.7 to 50.8 mm, along with a variety of thickness options. The fused silica substrate options provide optimum thermal stability, while N-BK7 substrate options offer a lower cost alternative for less thermally sensitive applications. TECHSPEC λ/10 Laser Line Coated Windows are in-stock and ready for immediate delivery.


  • Angle of Incidence (°): 0 
  • Surface Quality: 10-5
  • Parallelism (arcmin): <3 
  • Clear Aperture (%): 90
  • Surface Flatness: λ/10



  • 10-5 Surface Quality
  • Guaranteed Damage Thresholds at Design Wavelengths
  • Diameters from 12.7 to 50.8mm Available
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