Precision Minimatic® Fittings & Tubing


Clippard precision fittings will save you time, space, and money when designing versatile, productive, trouble free, pneumatic circuits. Our endless variety of fittings insure that you find just the right “fit” when plumbing pneumatic circuits or assemblies. These fittings are small in size but large in performance, allowing for streamlining of pneumatic assemblies and eliminating the need for larger, more expensive, cumbersome fittings.  Clippard was the first to develop ports utilizing the #10-32 thread. This thread has become an industry standard in the marketplace. 

Clippard also offers an expanded variety of hose and tubing from stiff copper and nylon to flexible urethane, vinyl and Buna-N hose. Sizes include 1/8", 1/4", 5/32", 6 mm and 3/8" OD with various color options.

Clippard has been providing quality products to the world and supporting our local communities for more than 75 years. Today, we continue to uphold the same values and high standards originally set forth by our founders. Quality remains a primary feature of every product we produce, achieved through excellence in manufacturing practices and craftsmanship. Clippard continues to be driven by innovation and continuous improvement.

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