Precision Modules for Clean Production



With a sealed ball screw assembly on both sides and an upgraded lubrication concept, the Precision Module PSK from Bosch Rexroth meets the operational requirements of semiconductor production and of the electronics industry even better than before. In this new generation, designers have increased the rigidity of the frame and cover various usage scenarios in an application-oriented way with two accuracy classes.


In most applications, the focus is on ensuring that no outside contaminants get into a mechanical system, while in controlled areas and clean room production. The revised PSK ensures that no material makes it outside into the mechanical system. The precision ball screw nut and linear carriage assembly are sealed from both sides with Rexroth ball screw assembly seals.


At the same time, Bosch Rexroth has expanded its lubrication concept to include four lubrication versions. The standard version comes with conventional industrial lubricant with initial greasing. It is possible to select between two different lubricants LSS standard and LSC clean room. Another option is having the Precision Module connected to central lubrication systems prepared with liquid grease. Automated re-lubrication increases operational reliability, ruling out human error when manual lubrication is performed.


The PSK Precision Modules are available in three sizes and are mounted on a smooth, space-saving, and rigid precision steel profile frame with integrated guide tracks. You can select which side to have a smoothed reference edge. This speeds up assembly and makes it easier to align the axis. The frame is more torsion-resistant compared to the previous models and offers higher planar moments of inertia.


Bosch Rexroth’s generation 2 PSK Precision Modules cover various mechanical requirements in clean production from various lubrication needs, optional magnetic field sensors that can be adjusted over the entire travel distance to selectable covers for extra environmental protection.

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