Precision Planetary Gearheads


A new series of RTX precision planetary gearheads feature high torque design, and are offered in standard NEMA sizes 60 and 90. These 36 gearheads, identified as the S9160AMRTX... and the S9190AMRTX...Series feature single, double, and triple gear stage configurations, optimized gear geometry, high torsional stiffness, captive, bearing supported input pinion, and they are sealed to extend service life.

 Each of the two NEMA sizes are offered in gear ratios ranging from 4:1 to 700:1. Their maximum input speed is 6500 rpm. Their single stage, double stage, and triple stage minimum efficiencies are 95%, 90% and 85% respectively. Operating temperatures range from -40OC to +121OC. The housings are made of stainless steel, with anodized aluminum mounting flanges. The output shafts are made of stainless steel and the gears are made of alloy and stainless steel.


  • High torque design
  • Standard NEMA sizes 60 and 90
  • Single, double, and triple gear stage configurations
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