Precision Springs Brochure


New literature is now available from Myers Spring Company, featuring information on the company’s history and its full product line of high quality, low cost precision springs.  The literature includes information on Myers Spring’s customized manufacturing of precision springs with wire diameters ranging from 0.006” to 0.719” and produced from a range of materials. Also highlighted is the company’s product line which includes compression springs, single and double torsion springs, extension springs, spiral wound brush springs, tines and reverse tines, wire forms, swedging, grooving and drilling, hose guards and reinforcements and customized assembly of components.

Myers’ springs are integral components for a variety of products, including high tech–precision instruments, military applications, industrial, automotive, agricultural equipment, appliances, toys and many other consumer products.Myers Spring Built Lean™ production techniques and technologies and tangle-free spring packaging are also described in the new brochure.

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