Precision Temperature Control in CO2 Incubators


New cooling solution offers a smaller, more efficient option for precise thermal management in compact CO2 incubators.  System uses less energy to maintain the desired temperature range in the CO2 incubators using thermoelectric assembles (TEAs). The AA-230 Series and AA-250 Series offers COP (coefficient of performance) to minimize power consumption when cooling or heating CO2 incubators by cooling via convection. 



  • Temperature stability to within ± 0.15°C of the temperature set point in cooling and heating mode.
  • Built-in monitoring
  • Closed loop feedback control intelligence
  • SR-54 temperature controller provides monitoring and alarm functionality, including identification of a problematic fan, thermoelectric module, over-temperature thermostat and temperature sensor failure
  • Ready-to-use controller requires minimal programming out of the box and is easily attached to a TEA or system enclosure
  • Cotroller also lowers operational noise, as fans are turned off once the specified temperature has been reached inside the respective incubator column.


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